At NEK, our business is providing total IT solutions and services.



Take IT Management To A New Level Of Efficiency


Having trouble managing your systems and network and not having the expertise at the right time? NEK provides reliable and experienced professionals to your company when you need them. Minimize downtime and get professional advice to obtain up-to-date information on your products procurement.



You Own The Systems – We Take Care Of Them


IT does not end at procurement only. Many organisations do not have the necessary resources or technical expertise to maintain their IT investments. As such, poorly maintained IT equipment hardly last more than two or three years. Downtime and data loss due to IT equipment failure will cost thousands of dollars. Thus, NEK brings to our clients an “internal” IT team. We offer you the best services and values, thus ensuring effective cost savings and greater profits in your operations.



Secure Your Investment The Right Way: Look For The Professionals


Attacks on your systems and network do not end at virus or spyware infections only. Trojan Horses, Covert Channels, Web Defacements and Service Disruptions are the other daily threats that you will face. Armed with experienced engineers, rest assure that your systems and network security are in good hands.


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